Fighting The Hard Times

by Last Day Before Holiday

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released October 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Last Day Before Holiday Alessandria, Italy

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Track Name: Like I'm dead
Faded lights on me, I lose everything, many years gone by, I'm always living trying

Ocean waves will take far away all my fears, and while the years will run i'll try to get this far

another year is gone and I feel so useless like i'm dead
another chance is gone and i see my goals fading away
all I really want is to live my life doing what i love
but I'm just growing up getting older and feeling like i'm dead

big city dream in me, I'm feeling not so sure, i just have this fear that something will close me here

i still rememeber when we were so young and strong, we still dream like we did and we'll try to get this far
Track Name: On my own
All of the bad words I always listen I've tryed to leave them behind my back, I can accept that, all of these bullshits, just in case they let you to feel like a star

On my own should I regret that
On my own could I forget that
On my own There's no way to change it
I can't do anything on my own

People are wasted there's no way to change them this place always sucked and will always do, then ask yourself why you never did a thing and if you have made it,just make it again
Track Name: Make me feel fine
here we go, walking alone, everything's dark, another sleepless night and think deeply it's not easy but the story is still the same

up all this night, try to get right searching a good reason why, in all of my life, nothing was right i need a cure to feel fine

And every second I wait inside this cold place,
make me feel so sick and useless, I waste my lifetime

and again, going outside, search the bright side of this terrible thing and feel the spotlight, shining on you I hope to find the truth
Track Name: My disease
This season I want forget it could be easy but i'm still depressed I still fight this disease and you continue to ignore my truth

I feel like a ghost, I'm sick, you're the only one that makes me feel like this, I feel like a ghost, I'm sick please can you help me to get out of here

why am i crazy? I can't say, what's going on with me
just take it easy, to feel this like a whisper in my ear

I remember all the things you said, so many things were too hard to understand, but i'm still here and you'll stay too stuck like a pictures in my head
Track Name: The hard times
I always think bad things can't happen to me, I always live like I am free from everthing i couldn't see
I never understood that dragging me to hell could be so easy and close from here

just today I can feel your breathe around
I feel so blessed today cause you can leave your mark again in this world

step by step I always feel you're here when you were the only one who cared about my fears
how can I know it can be the last time that I can see your eyes cry a tear

are you fighting the hard times?
Track Name: Can you say the same?
10years ago I was always the same fool, listening to stupid pop-punk songs, can I say the same 'bout you?

I always see the people around me, change, growing up, at least think they do, I'm not going to be like that, but sure I can say that once i lived

can you say the same?

every last fashion calls your reaction
you are so true and you are the proof
see all my friends change their directions
It makes me proud of what i choose

40years old to late to regret that, enjoy your life when you had the chance so it's not so hard to understand
Track Name: She's so wasted
I'm driving trough the night I'm lost and I wait for your call so please tell me the truth, another day is gone everything goes wrong, thousand miles left til i see your smile
you couldn't leave me all night long, trapped in a place where i don't belong, lost inside this nightmare where everything is dark but I know

she's so wasted she's so wrong and goes on and on and on
she's so wasted she's so wrong and she doesn't care at all
(Please don't let this go now, I need something more)

like every single time I feel bad, like every single day I've got nothing to lose, I make all of this just for coming trough to all the bad things and float in our dreams

Wasted is the only thing that I can say, just about me and you in a place where we don't belong
Track Name: Find my way
Sometimes it's hard to realize sometimes it's hard to find the city lights are birght, I'm walking through the night
while the city sleeps I can't fall asleep I'm like a stranger and i just need to find my way

How it could be the same anymore? I just need to give up and go
Far away from all the things you said, cause this kind of life can make you mad

8 A.M. or so, the sun is rising slow, the city lights turn off but my head is gone,
tonight I heard your voice whispering in my ear, while I was asleep I think It
Track Name: Over again
by now we know each other, almost 2years ago, your eyes were chasing mine, my heart almost exploded,
something will change from now on, my life will not be the same, I feel inside a dream with my open eyes

You have to know this it doesn't matter where we are
we can be closer even if you are so far
please take a breath now we will get this done
and If I come back I swear to you that I'll make all over again

we really do not care how hard it could be now, the time we were togheter, replace all the bad things,
your every single smile can erase all of my fears, and If i see everything bright, with you it's becoming clear
Track Name: Believe
so i learnt to trust myself for not feeling so alone
cause everytime i needed i was there and so
now you see me in front of you this is all i know
will i ever find a friend at all

How many times we tried to believe in a friendship we never had

I couldn't let go, I couldn't get out of here, I couldn't let go and I can't control how I feel

I always try to leave the past far away behind my back ,there's nothing that I hate more than pushing you away
but everybody appear so empty to me, you used to call me "bro" but this is what I see, just a useless try to be good for me we have just to wait and see

friends are changing like seasons in your life but real ones stay forever by your side
Track Name: Nothing left to say
So many times my friends said that there's too many good things inside my head but I was too busy to lose all of my time in this useless place

and nothing is gonna be fine It's hard but you have to believe and nothing is gonna be right cause right there nothing was right

There's nothing left to say cause everything is over
there's nothing left to say cause everything is gone for me
I was to young to fake my pride for something that it means a lot for me

It was good for me to ignore and follow my dreams I was just eighteen and nothing was so clear
to all the places we're from just rise you middle finger in the air to all the chances we've lost just realize that their gone